Enhance Your Pool Area With Lights

By February 17, 2022 No Comments

Your outdoor pool is, no doubt, a feature of fun and relaxation for your family and friends.
Strategic lighting in and around your pool will provide safety as well as upgrading your space to
a luxury, resort-style aesthetic. Here, we will share a few lighting ideas to enhance your pool

Safety should always come first. Nighttime swimming definitely involves more safety concerns
as sight is limited. It is important to illuminate high traffic areas around your pool. These include
walkways, steps, the deck or patio areas, and any especially dark areas around the pool.
Getting to and around the pool safely is of utmost importance.

What type of lights can you use in these areas? Using path lights for your walkways will help
guide your guests safely to the pool. If you have an open, sunny backyard, solar lights are a
great option. Carefully space the lights to give proper illumination but not too much light to
detract from the relaxed atmosphere.

The deck or patio around your pool is most likely a gathering space in need of good lighting. To
keep that vacation feel, you might try hanging cafe string lights above this area. This type of
lighting brings an attitude of class and fun while improving visibility. Tiki torches are also a great
lighting option, bringing in a tropical island vibe to your space.

The landscaped areas around your pool are often dark spaces at night. Illuminating these
spaces will greatly increase the beauty of your pool area at night and create a luxury resort feel.
Adding landscaping lights to illuminate trees or decorative shrubbery and flower beds will not
only enhance the beauty of these areas but also add to the visibility around your pool,
preventing possible slips and trips.

Lighting is essential for pool safety at night. It also does so much to upgrade the look and feel
of your pool area. We hope these ideas will help you to enhance your pool area with lights.